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New Movie Night, needs ideas. Or else I pick funny again^^
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If you have Battlefield 4, Era would be very happy.

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I keep being attacked by zombies on Dead Island.......please send help.

FP Event, let us know your interested. Mixed private game soon tba

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 Body Combat!

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Scary Joker
Scary Joker

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PostSubject: Body Combat!   Wed Aug 21, 2013 8:28 pm

Some of us got talking the other day about exercising and the things we do to keep fit.. Pam said she tried Zumba and really enjoyed it, but i think i would feel super awkward doing Zumba in a room full of (well, mostly full of!) girls! lol

I do Body Combat twice a week and it's a fantastic way to keep in shape and the music is awesome! This is a video or two of what i do (well, it's only one track per video out of the 10 that you do in an hours class without a break!) , these aren't my actually classes, but Body combat is taught by Les Mills and has the same music/routines everywhere in the world which is awesome!

You can also see from this video that it doesn't matter if you cant keep the intensity of the work out up, doesn't matter what shape or size you are.. You can just give it a go and join in on the fun!

These two are some of my favorites! 

I love how the guy in the blue shorts just kinda gives up at the end... haha, been there Razz

You guys should try out these routines at home, they are really easy to pick up because everything is repeated with the beat of the music! :-D
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Location : Nuremberg, Germany

PostSubject: Re: Body Combat!   Thu Aug 22, 2013 2:19 pm

It definitely looks intetesting but also exhausting. lol. 
I've been to almost everything. I've tried zumba. it's alright but not my first choice. 
I've also been to spinning and step aerobic.

now I've chosen my favorite courses though which are body styling and aerobic with a mix of step and body styling elements. 
body combat looks like something for me. I'm not that good with choreography stuff.  zumba I can follow but the step aerobic gets too complicated after half an hour for me.
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Body Combat!
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